Winter Stays With Me by Catherina You- Book Review

          Winter Stays With Me is quite a fascinating novel. It involves a group of friends that had no idea that they would need to go on the adventure of their life. The book centers on a group of orphans that attend a schooled called Klonen High. They live a normal life but one day find out a horrendous secret that will change their life forever. These children belong to a world of deceit and unfairness which leads to an escape of more lies, betrayal, entrapment, unkindness and much more. The orphan children did not ask for this kind of life. They had grown up with so many dreams and aspirations but their destiny is something completely different from what they could ever imagine. There are many happy times as well as saddening times that will break a reader’s heart.

         I enjoyed reading it so much. It was inspiring and so well written. I cannot wait to see what else Catherina You has in store for her readers. I recommend this book to anyone who has felt out of place or lost. This book is definitely a must read. I have given the book five-stars because it stole my heart, swelled it with hope and also destroyed it. I hope everyone can read this book and recommend it to others as well.



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