Review: Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare (The Dark Artifices series-Book 1)

            Emma Carstair, Julian and the rest of the Blackthorn have grown up so much since their previous appearance in the Mortal Instruments: City of Heavenly Fire. Emma and Julian are parabatai and the closest of friends. Parabatai is so important because both persons are protective of each other and never have to be alone. Both Emma and Julian are very strong individually but are much stronger when they are together. They faced several challenges as children, have raised the Blackthorn children together and continue to face difficult challenges as teenagers. There are deep secrets that they keep from which could cause major consequences. New and old friends become part of the Blackthorn family. They are much stronger together than they are apart. 

               I would recommend Lady Midnight to everyone because it is intense, has plenty of action, love, betrayal and so much more. I enjoyed reading the book so much and I found it fascinating. I was barely able to put it down. I wanted to finish it all in one day. My favorite character would have to be Mark. He is a warrior willing to protect those he loves and sacrifice parts of him which he considered sacred. I am looking forward to book 2 of the Dark Artifices: Lord of Shadows which will be released in May. Thank you for reading our reviews. 



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