The Servant Boy: A Rags to Riches Novel by Reesha Goral- Book Review 

The Servant Boy is about a young man named Zayne  who lives in Saidpur, Pakistan. He has struggled through a life if hardship and unrequited love. He fell in love with his childhood friend named Asiya as a young boy and continued to love her throughout his adulthood. Will he ever forget her or will he win her heart? He becomes a servant in her house and his life changes drastically. Strangely, people in Saidpur start dropping dead and the cops have no way of explaining the reasons why. Dangers and death await them all. Will Zayne ever find happiness?
I loved reading The Servant Boy. As I read, I could not imagine how it felt to be in Zayne’s shoes. It was breathtaking and sorrowful  to be taken into a world of pain, loss, and extreme poverty. I truly enjoyed everything that is in this tale. I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I have, and that you continue to fill your mind with adventure, love, pain, etc. as you all read page after page of the amazing book that this world has to offer. Thank you all for continuing to read our book reviews and thank you to the author, Reesha Goral for providing this book for us to review. 



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