The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins-Book Review 

     Rachel is a young woman that has lost so much in her life. She lost her husband, her job, her friends and her life as a whole. Her ex-husband Tom cheated on Rachel with Anna. Tom married, empregnated and moved Anna into the house which he shared with Rachel. She is an alcoholic that constantly forgets what she says or does. She often stalks Tom and his new family through text messages, phone calls or by visiting her former home. Anna is very irritated by Rachel and wants her out of their lives. Rachel observes a couple that lives on Tom’s street, Megan and Scott. Rachel imagines that their names are Jason and Jess and that they have a perfect relationship and life. While Rachel is always depressed and drowns in alcohol, Megan is constantly bored and does not know if just being a wife in a monogamous relationship is enough for her. 

      I have truly enjoyed the book. I love that each character was brought to life in such a detailed and realistic way. There is paranoia, feelings of betrayal, loneliness, love, obsession, depression, and so on. I believe my favorite character has to be Megan. She holds so much pain and dark secrets from her past and present. Because she has suffered so much in her life, she feels like there is always something missing. What she has and who she loved is not enough for her. She is insatiable and is always on the hunt for something more. I think that this book should be read because here are many adult situations in the book which are rarely talked about and are found shameful. I hope that people can learn from the book and understand the importance of being honest as well as forgiving. 



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