Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare-Book Review 

          Tessa’s heart is split between two loves. Jem and Will are so important to Tessa and she does not want to choose between them. Great turmoil has come upon the London Institute. The inhabitants of the Institute are going to need the help of other shadowhunters, friends and downworlders to bring peace to London once again. It will take the strength and courage of Tessa and her friends to keep the London Institute afloat.      Tessa is truly and inspiration. She is strong, outspoken, confident, a true friend, etc. She has grown so much in the London Institute because of her friends. I admire her because she always makes time to help out a friend as well as pick up a good book. I enjoyed reading Clockwork Princess as well as Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince. I hope that everyone can enjoy the Shadowhunter world and everything in it. I recommend this book as well as all the Mortal Instrument novels. I love the way the author, Cassandra Clare gives life to each character and how she makes you feel as if you live within the book. 



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