Animal by G.S. Banks book review 

Everyone! You must read Animal by G.S. Banks. It is a fantastic novel about excitement, adventure, loss, family, friendship and so much more. The main character is Nina Gregory. She is a smart girl full of life and dreams. Her parents are not to fond of her life choices but she does not care. Her family holds a great secret that they hide from New Yorkers and the world. The Gregorys are a British family that moved to New York due to Mr. Gregory’s job. Anything can happen where the Gregorys are concerned. 

I believe that Nina is a strong and confident character. She is strong willed and is no one can sway her to do what they want. She knows what she wants and loves her family and new boyfriend very much. I like that she is willing to make sacrifices for the ones she loves and does not care if she has abandon her desires to be independent, ‘normal’ and free. I hope everyone enjoys this novel and gets a chance to read G.S. Banks other novel- Alana’s Mistake. Thank you for reading.



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