Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon book review 

Madeline F. Whittier is a kind and loving person who is willing to do anything possible to make her mother happy. Madeline lost her father and older brother when she was just a baby. Madeline and her mother are very close. She just celebrated her eighteenth birthday and she has never walked out of her front door. Madeline suffers from a rare disease; she can become severely ill if she inhales non- purified air. She always likes to imagine what it would be like to step outside of her front door and see the world. Eventually a new family moves next door and she soon meets the sweet boy, Olly. 

I truly enjoyed reading Everything Everything. My sister and I read it together and we could not put it down. My favorite character would have to be Maddy. She is so smart, beautiful and determined to accomplish anything she sets her mind to. She enjoys architecture and is a genius at constructing small utopias. I love that she cares for mother and caregiver so much. She is so strong and loving although her circumstance keeps her away from the things that she most desires. I hope everyone gets to read this novel as well as Nicola Yoon’s other novel- The Sun Os Also A Star. I cannot wait to read that book and anything else that Nicola Yoon may release. Happy Reading. 



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