Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare-Book Review 

          Tessa’s heart is split between two loves. Jem and Will are so important to Tessa and she does not want to choose between them. Great turmoil has come upon the London Institute. The inhabitants of the Institute are going to need the help of other shadowhunters, friends and downworlders to bring peace to London once again. It will take the strength and courage of Tessa and her friends to keep the London Institute afloat.      Tessa is truly and inspiration. She is strong, outspoken, confident, a true friend, etc. She has grown so much in the London Institute because of her friends. I admire her because she always makes time to help out a friend as well as pick up a good book. I enjoyed reading Clockwork Princess as well as Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince. I hope that everyone can enjoy the Shadowhunter world and everything in it. I recommend this book as well as all the Mortal Instrument novels. I love the way the author, Cassandra Clare gives life to each character and how she makes you feel as if you live within the book. 


Review for Confused Spice by Mathis Bailey

        Vijay and Pierre are to very different men that reside in Canada. Pierre attends culinary classes during the night and enjoys cooking Indian cuisine when he is at home. He meets his neighbor Vijay and they hit it off. They become close friends that cook together and talk about their lives. They enjoy each other’s company so much but circumstances tear them apart. Is there more to their relationship than just friendship?        I enjoyed Pierre’s character the most. I feel that he is a fantastic human being that likes to help their friends feel good about themselves. He is willing to stay up late to help Vijay learn how to cook. He is not pushy and respects that Vijay is trying to find himself. I recommend this book to an audience that enjoys a bit of sensuality, loves a story about complete strangers becoming best friends and an overall great story. I appreciate Mathis for giving us the opportunity to read and review his novel.  -Rebeca 

Clockwork Prince-The Infernal Devices Series(Book 2) by Cassandra Clare –  Book Review 

      Tessa has discovered a lot about herself, her family and the strangers that are gradually becoming her friends as well as only family. Tessa’s brother Nate has been able to break her heart and stomp all over it. The London Institute is in great turmoil because Benedict Lightwood wants to take he Institute from the Director, Charlotte Branwell. Benedict Lightwood believes that Charlotte is not capable of running the Institute because not only is she a woman but also because there have been many mishaps that have occurred as well. Alexi Mortmain has not given up on his revenge towards the Shadowhunters because he believes that his parents were killed unjustly. Although Tessa is having a constant struggle of the heart because of two different boys, she still manages to help her friends and give them plenty of love as well. 

       Tessa’s life is very fascinating.l; she continues to figure out more and more about her power, the strength in it, as well as some family history. I also enjoy Jem’s character so much. I love that Jem does not allow his physical condition to destroy his love for others or his duty to protect humanity and the people that he loves. I enjoyed reading about Jem and Tessa because their friendship is very strong, they care for the well-being of others and they are willing to sacrifice their lives for the people that they love. I would recommend this book and series to everyone that would like to read it. The story and history is very interesting, there is plenty of action and excitement, the characters have evolved from the first novel, the characters are full of life and full of love. There is so much love among shadowhunters, a warlock and a servant girl. I hope that everyone is able to enjoy the book as well as the series.