Book Review- An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

An abundance of Katherines was such a fascinating book. I liked that the book was full of love, breakup, an action scene and math. I may not be the greatest mathematician but I love math. Mathematical formulas are such a huge part of the book. The main character, Colin Singleton is determined to formulate graphs and the perfect formula to determine whether a person is more of a dumpee or dumper. Colin’s constant attraction and relationships with girls named Katherine with a K have only caused him pain and a huge ‘whole’ in his stomach. Colin has great friends like Hassan and Lindsey who are supportive of his extravagant ideas and his determination to complete his theorem.

I enjoyed the book so much because it has great characters and a beautiful story. The book has adventure, love, disappointments, new friendships are developed, compassion is shown to the great people of their town, and so on. John Green is an inspiration and he is always able to tell a story with so much ease. I think he is one of the greatest storytellers of a our time. I hope you enjoy this book as well as all the other books that he has written.



A Book of Christmas Miracles By Chicken Soup For The Soul

Each story had a different significance and so much love. They are all important no matter how short or long. I was so touched by all the stories. Some stories were about learning how to grieve while others were about giving thanks for the little things, especially for family and good friends. The story that compelled me the most was that of the little girl that was obsessed with books. That little girl reminds me so much of myself. My mother always read to me and my sisters and story time became so much more exciting when I learned how to read. I have never been able to stop reading. I enjoy all types of genres from mysteries to historical fiction and lots of memoirs. The little is so much like me and I hope that many more people decide to devour books as much as that little girl did. The holidays are over but it is still a wonderful book to read at any time of the year. Please pick it up and give the book a try. I truly believe that you will feel blessed and inspired by each story.


Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han-Book Review

Lara Jean is such a precious character and I will always carry her in my heart. She inspires me to work hard and do better than I have done in the past. Her charm and kindness captivated me and made me love her more and more in each book. Her love for her family, friends and boyfriend is so real and true. I will miss her dearly but cannot wait to see her on the big screen or when I decide to read the trilogy again.

The Song girls are relatable. They remind me so much of my two sisters and I. They have the eldest sister that keeps everything balanced and together, the creative middle sister and the youngest sister who is both really talented and witty. hope that this series can bring so many siblings and friends together. Jenny Han is an inspiration and I hope to read so many more books that are written by her in the near future.


Tales of from the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare

Loved reading Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy. I got to visit with The Immortal Instruments original characters as well as new characters with fascinating personalities. The book is full of 10 novellas which will entertain you and urge to want to read even more about each character. The story is mostly about Simon Lewis, Clary Fray’s lifelong best friend. I hope you all take the time to read it. I know I will have to read it again soon.

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon book review 

Madeline F. Whittier is a kind and loving person who is willing to do anything possible to make her mother happy. Madeline lost her father and older brother when she was just a baby. Madeline and her mother are very close. She just celebrated her eighteenth birthday and she has never walked out of her front door. Madeline suffers from a rare disease; she can become severely ill if she inhales non- purified air. She always likes to imagine what it would be like to step outside of her front door and see the world. Eventually a new family moves next door and she soon meets the sweet boy, Olly. 

I truly enjoyed reading Everything Everything. My sister and I read it together and we could not put it down. My favorite character would have to be Maddy. She is so smart, beautiful and determined to accomplish anything she sets her mind to. She enjoys architecture and is a genius at constructing small utopias. I love that she cares for mother and caregiver so much. She is so strong and loving although her circumstance keeps her away from the things that she most desires. I hope everyone gets to read this novel as well as Nicola Yoon’s other novel- The Sun Os Also A Star. I cannot wait to read that book and anything else that Nicola Yoon may release. Happy Reading. 


Animal by G.S. Banks book review 

Everyone! You must read Animal by G.S. Banks. It is a fantastic novel about excitement, adventure, loss, family, friendship and so much more. The main character is Nina Gregory. She is a smart girl full of life and dreams. Her parents are not to fond of her life choices but she does not care. Her family holds a great secret that they hide from New Yorkers and the world. The Gregorys are a British family that moved to New York due to Mr. Gregory’s job. Anything can happen where the Gregorys are concerned. 

I believe that Nina is a strong and confident character. She is strong willed and is no one can sway her to do what they want. She knows what she wants and loves her family and new boyfriend very much. I like that she is willing to make sacrifices for the ones she loves and does not care if she has abandon her desires to be independent, ‘normal’ and free. I hope everyone enjoys this novel and gets a chance to read G.S. Banks other novel- Alana’s Mistake. Thank you for reading.


Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare-Book Review 

          Tessa’s heart is split between two loves. Jem and Will are so important to Tessa and she does not want to choose between them. Great turmoil has come upon the London Institute. The inhabitants of the Institute are going to need the help of other shadowhunters, friends and downworlders to bring peace to London once again. It will take the strength and courage of Tessa and her friends to keep the London Institute afloat.      Tessa is truly and inspiration. She is strong, outspoken, confident, a true friend, etc. She has grown so much in the London Institute because of her friends. I admire her because she always makes time to help out a friend as well as pick up a good book. I enjoyed reading Clockwork Princess as well as Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince. I hope that everyone can enjoy the Shadowhunter world and everything in it. I recommend this book as well as all the Mortal Instrument novels. I love the way the author, Cassandra Clare gives life to each character and how she makes you feel as if you live within the book.